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Q & A

​Frequently Asked Questions​

​Q. About meals

Customers can bring their own ingredients for BBQ and self-catering. ​ We also have various seasonings.

​Q. About pets
​Q. About transportation

We offer free transportation to and from Nakafurano Station only if you request 3 days before check-in.
If you wish, please indicate so in the comment section of the reservation form.


Except for guide dogs, we do not allow pets to stay with us.

​Q. About cancellation policy

Please be sure to check the cancellation policy when making a reservation. The basic cancellation policy set for the regular price is as follows.

​Q About child charges

Children under the age of 3 are free of charge and are not included in the number of guests.

Cancellation reception

21 days before check-in date

7 days before check-in date

3 days before check-in date

On the day of check-in

cancellation charge

25% of usage fee

50% of usage fee

80% of usage fee

100% of usage fee

​Q. What the guest brings

Please bring your nightwear and toothbrush.

* Disposable toothbrushes are not provided from the viewpoint of environmental consideration.

​Q. About breakfast

​Breakfast is not included.

Q. About bouldering

When children challenge, adults should enjoy while checking the safety.

* Playing in a drunk state is dangerous.

We do not take any responsibility in any case.

Q. About the projector

You can freely log in and watch it on your rental laptop. You can bring in a DVD, and you can output the screen from your smartphone using the connector.

Q. About smoking
​Q. About parking lot

Smoking is prohibited inside the cottage.

Smoking is allowed on the terrace and in the BBQ house.

Free parking for up to 10 cars..


WAXROOM allows you to HOT WAX your skis and snowboards, please clean after applying WAX.

​Q. About WI-FI

​Free WI-FI is available

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