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SHELTER is a completely reserved cottage in only one building on a vast site.

SHELTER, which uses plenty of wood from Hokkaido, has residential-level insulation.

The moment you enter, you can feel the warmth of the wood and you can spend it comfortably in both summer and winter.

It is a reserved space with elaborate interior decoration and outdoor items so that you can enjoy your stay at SHELTER.

There is also a kitchen and workspace in the room, so you can prepare your own meals or work remotely.

Enjoy the most free time and place to charter like Hokkaido and Furano

We have a wax room in winter, so you can maintain your skis and snowboards yourself.








Cottage room equipment


Hammock chair, table, free rental astronomical telescope


55V TV ・ Free Wifi ・ Bluetooth speaker ・ Darts ・ Dining table ・ Sofa ・ Table ・

Bouldering wall, FF stove, indoor slippers, table games


IH cooking heater, refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster, water heater, various cooking utensils (pot, frying pan, kitchen knife, cutting board, etc.)  

           Various seasonings ・ Tableware ・ Cutlery


Home theater set, low sofa, low table, children's tent


Washlet toilet, wash basin, bathroom, hair dryer, washing machine (laundry detergent)

Bath amenities

Bath towel, face towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap

BBQ house equipment

Tables & chairs, BBQ grills, BBQ cookware (Dutch oven tongs, gloves, etc.)

BBQ set (new grilled net charcoal fire scissors seasoning paper plate, paper cup, disposable chopsticks, for each person)

Outdoor equipment

Parking lot (up to 15 cars), table & chair, bonfire space, WAXROOM

Paid service

Firewood for bonfire 1500 yen

BBQ set 1500 yen

 About room rates.
● Varies depending on the time and situation of your stay. 
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please feel free to contact us after deciding on your desired accommodation schedule.

● For elementary school students, the adult fee will be half the price.

● Free for infants to 4 years old

payment method

Cash and credit card only at check-in.

Various travel tickets cannot be used

Business period

■ January 1st-December 31st (irregular holidays) 
■ Check-in: 16:00 to 19:00 / Check-out: 8:00 to 10:00

Accommodation style

■ One-building charter type: Maximum basic number of guests 10 

■ There is no meal service

* Kitchen utensils for self-catering are available free of charge.
You can have a barbecue at the BBQ house. Rental of barbecue stoves is possible.
■ You can stay consecutive nights. The maximum number of consecutive nights is 7 days, and in the case of consecutive nights, cleaning and sheets will be changed once every 2 days.
■ For consecutive nights. Towel set for the second day is not available.
* Smoking is prohibited in the building. Thank you for your cooperation.
* Consultation is required if you wish to stay for 8 days or more.


■ Pet facilities cannot be used. (Assistance dogs are allowed)
* It is possible to manage outdoors in a cage brought by the customer or in the car.

Communication environment

You can use au, docomo, Softbank, and WiFi managed by this facility.

About cancellation

The following cancellation fee will be charged from 7 days before your stay.
* In case of cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible. If you contact us by email, please be sure to check the reply from this cottage.
■ 7 days ago / 20% of usage fee
■ 2 days ago / 30% of usage fee
■ The day before / 70% of the usage fee
■ Same day / 100% of usage fee
* 100% of the planned usage fee will be charged even if there is no cancellation notice and no visit.  


● Only "guests" can use the facilities of the cottage.

● Please refrain from entering by non-guests or staying without permission.

● Please refrain from entering the farm roads of nearby farmers as it will be a nuisance.

It is very dangerous because tractors etc. also pass through.

● Please use only "handheld type" fireworks. In the case of fireworks, the sparks that have fallen fall on the wheat fields of neighboring farmers, etc.

It may cause a large-scale fire.

● Roasted meat that uses a hot plate in the cottage room is prohibited because the smell remains the next day.

You can cook meat in the kitchen.

No smoking inside the cottage​

​Except for guide dogs, we do not allow pets to stay with us.

Free parking

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