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BBQ AND Bon firE




In addition to tables, chairs, shichirins, BBQ stoves, new nets, charcoal, paper plates, fire scissors, ignition agents, lighters, heat-resistant gloves, and trash cans.

We have a gas burner and a blower for BBQ, so even beginners of BBQ can start a fire in a short time.

If you prepare ingredients and drinks , you can enjoy dinner while looking at the Tokachidake mountain range.

--BBQ set 1500 yen ---



Warm up your tired body on a trip at the bonfire where you can feel the fun and warmth of the fire to the fullest.

Enjoy fireworks and watermelon splitting, why not enjoy extraordinary time?

--Firewood for bonfire  1500 yen Burning time about 2 hours

--Swedish torch 1500 yen Burning timeAbout 2 hours

On days when the wind is 3m or more at the scheduled bonfire time, bonfire is not possible for safety reasons.

I am taking measures with mosquito coils, but since it is an outdoor BBQ

Insects may come.

To ensure safety, the staff will extinguish the BBQ and bonfire at 23:00.

If you are not good at starting a fire, our staff will help you.

You can enjoy hand-held fireworks at SHELTER, but please refrain from launching fireworks and flying fireworks as they may cause fires and adversely affect crops.

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