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100 famous mountains in JapanAround SHELTER overlooking the Tokachidake mountain range and Mt. Ashibetsu, make your stay at SHELTER even more enjoyable

There are a lot of activities. Why do not you touch nature with your body and enjoy extraordinary time?


--- Minamifurano Town Ochiai Shisorapuchi River ---

A clear stream in the depths of the mountain, which is also one of the few spawning grounds for Ito

The transparency of the water is by far the most beautiful among rafting courses nationwide, and the amount of water is large, so even adults can fully enjoy it.

--Adults (junior high school students and above) 1 person 5500 yen ---

--Children (3 years old and over) 1 person 3500 yen ---

* Children under 3 years old cannot participate *

--- Sorachi River, Furano City ---

A first-class river that passes through Furano City, which is rich in nature

Those who want to enjoy leisurely rafting and those with small children can participate.

--- 1 person (junior high school students and above) 5500 yen ---

--Children (participation is OK from 0 years old) 3500 yen ---

※※ Holding period From the end of April to the end of October ※※

* * Free rafting tour photos * *



--Lake Kanayama, Minamifurano Town ---

A lake located in the uppermost part of the Sorachi River in the Ishikari River system, where the Shisorapuchi River flows.You can relax on the lake surrounded by deep mountains.

--Period from late June to the end of October ---

--- 1 person (3 years old and over) 4500 yen ---


--Furano Ski Resort ---

The long-awaited THE DAY. Takes a moment of the whole body of the slipper.​​

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